What we do:


Professional Vocal Coaching

Song Writin

Stage Performance Training

Studio Recording


Host and Attend Music seminars

Instruction in Media and the Music Industry Business

Radio and T.V. Experience

Positive Life Skills



Teacher Training

Supplementary Career Paths



Regular Showcases

Professional Events





Our aims include:


  • To continue to advance, the education of the public, in the performing arts by the presentation of public concerts and providing all that is necessary to:


  • Encourage, promote, maintain and develop young people under the age of 25, who would otherwise be deprived of the benefit of education, the performance of live music and of the performing arts. 


  • To purchase a dedicated performance and development centre.


  • To develop, maintain and increase our partnerships and collaborations.


  • To provide ongoing professional training and development to young people, primarily but not exclusively from deprived and multicultural backgrounds.


  • To use professional artists, with proven experience of entertainment and performance, to the highest standards of excellence.


  • To facilitate and encourage the creation of new and original music, by young people.


  • To offer one-to-one guidance,  mentorship and raise self-esteem of young people in the inner city.


  • To create a family type atmosphere, where young people feel safe to explore their creativity.


  • To achieve longevity as a voluntary organization.


  • To increase training and development workshops, including residential. 


  • To organize Regional Youth Music Awards, as a yearly event to celebrate and reward Standards of Excellence.


  • To host events and festivals, in order to further Studio 7’s aims, at least 6 times per year.


  • To participate in and develop partnership relationships, with other festivals and events.


  • To participate in and develop partnership relationships with other Youth Music Organizations, in the City of Bristol.


  • To facilitate young people to write and perform at least three new original songs and/or, pieces of music within six months and at six monthly intervals thereafter.


  • To develop partnership, relationships as an artist and talent development agency for major recording, publishing and management companies. 


  • To establish a working relationship with other Youth Music Organizations and institutions across the globe .


  • To reach out to the young people of Bristol, in particular those from deprived areas.


  • To provide an environment that is safe, positive and productive.


  • To make a positive connection between grass root talent and the music industry.


  • To make a difference by allowing young people to perfect their skills and realize their dreams.


  • To empower talented youth to find their place in society.


  • To encourage community cohesion by promoting talented youth.


  • To produce excellent performers as well as young adults who have the confidence and skills to mentor others.


  • To maintain a code of practice that produces excellence and professionalism. 

Who we are:


Studio 7 is Bristol’s first and only Artist development program (finishing school). Training our youth from primarily, but not exclusively, underprivileged social communities, regardless of colour, creed, social or economic background, we promote and nurture positive life skills.


We help with supplementary career paths, that focus on the development of social skills, creativity, knowledge, music and technology.


We also aid the growth of individual creativity, producing a positive connection between raw talent and the music industry.


It takes confidence, self-esteem and discipline to go through the process of developing your voice, image, performance, music and etiquette. This may include songwriting, signing a record deal, and learning how to behave in the public eye. This and much more takes place during a minimum of one year's training and development.






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